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Kindergarten Updates

Here are a few updates I thought you might be interested in:

* If you have any gently used blankets, towels, or sheets that you would like to donate, I know a Girl Scout troop that will be picking up the items from school tomorrow afternoon.

* Passport to Adventure is on Thursday November 29th from 5-7. Come learn about the many cultures of FCE.

* Our class is need of coffee filters, dried cereal, cheese its, pretzels, etc. We are also in need of several large packages of pony beads. We use beads throughout the year for various projects and I am almost out.

What's been happening in kindergarten?

Last week, the kiddos had a blast with their very first research project. I set up four stations that the kids rotated through: two videos, 1 online book, and sorting fiction and non fiction text.

After each stations the children were required to draw a picture or write about something they learned. I have sorted the information into categories, so that this week we can come up with a way to display our learning in the hallway.

We learned that there are many source you can use for research: computers, books and other people. We interviewed and video taped Mr. Wakefield and Mrs. Korfonta to learn more about Thanksgiving.

In math, we are working on numbers 0-10. We have been playing several new games and learning that 10 can be made up of different combinations of numbers.

In writing, we are working on spacing and writing more than one sentence on the same topic.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be learning about various traditions the families in our class participate in: birthdays, weddings, graduations, tooth fairy, etc.

I would also like to discuss any traditions that you have in regards to a winter holiday celebrations... putting up a Christmas tree, going to look at lights, elf on the shelf, etc.

If you do not celebrate Christmas, please let me know what kind of activities you participating in during your winter celebration. I would like to ensure all children in our classroom can share some of the fun things going on in their homes during this time of year.

I hope each and every one of you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving with your family.   Tammy Sanders
Forest Creek Elementary
Kindergarten Teacher

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